M. Michel Martel

M. Michel Martel /// Social worker
Michel Martel

A member of the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ) since 2005, Michel is currently pursuing a Masters in Sexology (intervention/research) at l’Université du Québec à Montréal. His main interest is the sexual, relationship, social and psychological health of gay men, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgendered and he has authored several research articles on their realities. Michel is a professional researcher in health education for the Canada Research Chairs where he also trains and supervises various health professionals in motivational counselling.

This professional double identity of “clinical and research” pushes him to develop trail-blazing expertise focused on the unique character of the gay male community, the social phenomena that emerge from it and the distinct meaning these realities take on in the eyes of the men who live them. His unique clinical approach thus developed around themes such as open relationships, polyamourous relationships, sexual self-actualisation through kinky practices, BDSM or PNP, addiction to synthetic drugs, break-ups and mourning, living with HIV, emotional/sexual dependency, and dependence on virtual meeting sites for men (ex. Grindr, gay411, bareback.com). He also places great importance on self-esteem, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Whether for individuals or couples, Michel’s counselling is not judgemental, but rather guided by respect for the integrity and uniqueness of each person with regard to their orientation, gender identity, and sexual preferences and positions. He is equally skilled in helping individuals and couples get to know and understand one another better and to understand with the sole intention of providing support during periods of change that meets their values and needs while aiming towards better global health and an evolving wellbeing.

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