M. Joël Castanet

M. Joël Castanet /// Kinesitherapist

Joël Castanet is a masso-kinesiotherapist who earned his certification at the University of Marseilles in France. His training is well rounded with different approaches such as reflexive massage and Reiki.

In1983, he began his hospital internships. In 1988, he had the privilege of practicing in l’Île Maurice for the Ministry of Sport. Upon his return to France, he worked in various environments such as the Baumettes Prison Hospital and a retirement home for invalids.

In Quebec, he taught and consulted until 1994, while rigorously pursuing a project on the philosophical theme of “the human condition,” the details of which may be obtained at www.castanet-kinephilo.com

Joël’s passion is helping patients with handicaps and or severe chronic pain.

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