M. Daniel Morris

M. Daniel Morris /// Dietitian

Mr. Daniel Morris completed his BSc in Conservation Biology in 1999 and worked for 8 years with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of Australia as a Quarantine and Imported Food inspector responsible for keeping Australia’s food supply and food industries safe from disease and infestations.

In 2005, he completed his training in massage therapy and upon moving to Canada worked for 2 years as a massage therapist specializing in trigger point therapy to improve chronic pain. He is currently registered with the Canadian Association of Therapists in Complimentary Medicine (CATCM).

Mr. Daniel Morris returned to university in 2010 to pursue his passion of nutrition and completed a MSc in Nutrition in 2013 and a diploma in registered dietetics credentialing in 2014 from McGill University. He is registered as a dietitian with the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Quebec (OPDQ).

His passion focuses on how diet is a significant determinant of health. Through education and intensive nutritional counseling he guides his clients into improving dietary habits with the goal of maintaining long-term health and reduce the incidence of obesity and chronic diseases.

Mr. Daniel Morris offers individual dietetic counseling. Future plans for 2014 include a small group nutrition education program to cover information from the scientific nutrition literature. This program will teach how to choose, buy and prepare healthy foods.

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