Glen Morris

Glen Morris /// Kinesitherapist
Glen MorrisGlen Morris is a trained Kinesitherapist. He has not only pursued his studies in Kinesitherapy, but has gained expertise in Neural and Visceral Manipulation through workshops taken in leading centers across Canada, the United States and South America.

At the beginning of his career in 1999, the focus of his work was on athletes. By 2009 his skills in managing chronic pain lead to an association with Dr. Roger LeBlanc. With a growing concern regarding an over-reliance on the prescription of anti-inflammatories, non-opiate and opiate pain killers, the focus turned towards the integration of his skills into mainstream medical care management of musculoskeletal, visceral and neural pain via non-pharmaceutical means, and achieving improved patient outcomes and a decrease in the use of expensive radiological imaging.

Specializing in the treatment of chronic pain, Mr Morris’s holistic approach concentrates on re-establishing structural balance and space by treating adhesions at the fascial level, also known as ‘The organ of structure’. Mr Morris is also a professor and author. He teaches workshops related to his work in leading institutions throughout Quebec.

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