Dre Sophie Gosselin

Dre Sophie Gosselin /// Toxicologist

Dre Gosselin

Dr. Sophie Gosselin completed her residency in emergency medicine in 2002 and subsequently completed a certificate in Health Care Administration with Université de Montréal in 2003 and a fellowship in Medical Toxicology with the Quebec Poison Control Centre, Newcastle Mater Misericordiae in Newcastle, Australia and observerships at St-Thomas & Guy, London, UK and Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Scotland.

She is currently the director of the Medical Toxicology consultation service for the McGill University Health Centre, MGH and RVH sites. She is a consultant to the Quebec and Alberta Poison Control Centres. She participates to several research groups regarding systematic evidence reviews on various therapies in medical toxicology. Her special interests include care organisation for poisoned patients and toxicology medical education of residents.

With her work at OPUS, she aims to strengthen and study the provision of care between the clientele with substance abuse problems being admitted and presenting to hospitals as well as their access (or barriers) to outpatient care.

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