Mission statement

Clinique OPUS was founded with a core belief that only through an interconnected and multidisciplinary primary health care model, can there be any lasting impact on the care and management of patients in our current health care system. By using a family medicine patient -centred approach, combined with a fully integrated, adaptable and analyzable electronic health care record, we are best enabled to manage diverse urban populations. Thusly designed, Clinique OPUS offers to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and care management of patients suffering with chronic viral infections, inflammatory diseases, life-style and genetic related disorders, chronic pain, underlying and often undiagnosed mental health issues, multiple co-morbidities, ageing and the increasing complexity of polypharmacy.

Clinique OPUS furthermore recognizes the fundamental importance of proactively incorporating Paramedical Services into the patient management plan. An onsite pharmacy and a dedicated clinical research team complete the services provided thereby allowing Clinique Opus to reach its ultimate goal of delivering comprehensive patient care with respect and compassion.

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